About Us

With the goal of creating a magical world of bright colors, loving acceptance, and a huge dose of whimsy, Remy & Zara is a clothing shop for kids who love to stand out. Remy & Zara offers the most unique and affordable gear for baby and kids. Inspired by high fashion treasures like Hysteric Glamour, Betsey Johnson, Anna Sui, Moschino, we wanted to bring a touch of their outrageous vibe to an exciting shop for bebes and kiddos. Add in a heavy dose of inspo from 80s toys, Japanese street fashion, and alternative music and you have a magical blend of fun and liberation. Named for my daughters, their weird, wonderful personalities and personal styles heavily influence the shop. We hope to create an environment of love and uniqueness that appeal to all kids; no gendering clothing or toys, everyone is welcome here.
Owner and operator, Tracy Broxterman also owns Witching Hour Baby, a goth lifestyle shop for spooky families. Remy & Zara is her love letter to her daughters' style, but you can expect the same level of shipping and service as Witching Hour Baby.